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WARNING! This firmware is appropriate for most users, but some MSO’s do have different update policies in place. As such, in some cases the standard firmware may render certain test functions inoperable. Please contact your manager before updating your firmware.

For assistance with any installation, please call tech support at 1-800-344-2412.

Trilithic encourages maintaining up-to-date firmware; however, your company may have policies in place to manage the update process.

Please review the updated enhancements below BEFORE installing your 860 DSP and 860 DSPi update.

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April 2011

  • Store the network connectivity mode in CMSTat macro in case you wish to remote view cable modem macro logs over the RJ-45 connection
  • QAM macro speed enhanced when channel is below -20 dBmV
  • Added dynamic naming to tasks in the task manager for maintenance personnel
  • Forced scan mode tilt compensation to use Tilt menu (High / Low) channel selection
  • Added Low and High tilt channel labels to scan mode when tilt compensated scan is activated
  • Lockout changes in operator / new technician when setup is locked out
  • Added parsing to operator name to allow the tech ID number to be included in the field and displayed on boot up
  • Added the "X" display and ingress check in RSVP mode to help users determine if carriers are interfered with by ingress
  • Added "Outlet" as a selection in the location menu

To apply the Trilithic 860 DSP firmware upgrade, please follow the below upgrade instructions:

  1. Unzip file
  2. Connect PC to 860 DSP using 860 DSP serial cable
  3. Plug your 860 DSP into your charger and place on AC power
  4. Run DSPi. It will take approx 12 minutes to upgrade the main application, then the unit will reboot and upgrade the DSP applications for another 2 minutes or so.
  5. The program will only upgrade out of date applications

Note: WorkBench can download Trilithic 860 DSP firmware with WorkBench updates. See your WorkBench software updates/upgrades page for download information.

860 DSP and 860 DSPi Firmware Update History

To install the Spanish language pack (Last Update: December 2009)

  1. Download the spanish.lang Language Pack
  2. Start WorkBench and connect to your meter
  3. Download the Language Pack on to the meter Drive-B
  4. Go to the meter Setup / Global
  5. Select the Language field and choose your language (Only installed Language Packs will appear)
  6. Reboot Meter

Note: Any words not translated will still appear in English.  When firmware is upgraded, any new phrases will appear in English until a Language Pack update is released.

  1. Descarga “Language Pack” desde el sitio web Trilithic
  2. Inicia Workbench y conectar a su medidor
  3. Descargar el paquete de idioma a la unidad de Metro-B
  4. Ir al medidor de instalación / Global
  5. Seleccione el campo de idiomas y elegir el idioma (Paquete de idioma instalada Sólo aparecerá)
  6. Reinicia Meter

Nota: Cualquier palabra no traducida aún aparecerán en Inglés. Si la actualización del firmware, las nuevas frases que aparecerán en Inglés hasta que un nuevo paquete de actualización de idioma español es liberado

Think Ahead.
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