Environmental Standards


Rohs Logo Trilithic, Inc. is committed to the design of environmentally safe products. As such, it is a goal of Trilithic to reduce the amount of hazardous substances and waste introduced into the environment. Trilithic is actively working to achieve compliance with the applicable environmental directives, specifically RoHS and WEEE, and plans to begin shipment of compliant products well in advance of the deadlines.

For a more detailed overview of Trilithic's steps to achieving environmental compliance, see our Statement of Plans.

For additional information regarding Trilithic's Definition of the RoHS and WEEE Directives.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ.

Please contact one of our RoHS compliance team members with any additional questions.

Green Engineering

Rohs LogoGreen engineering is the use of measurement and control techniques to design, develop, and improve products, technologies, and processes for environmental and economic benefits. There are new expectations and responsibilities of companies to develop energy efficient products. Trilithic has committed to making Green Engineering a Philosophy by developing standards and processes for future test equipment to consume less energy and to improve efficiencies.

Anticipating increased demand for clean energy parts and systems, Trilithic's corporate-wide commitment to green engineering practices has resulted in product redesign of the Seeker GPS MCA and continued success of the 860 DSPi Digital Installation Analyzer. Download an article regarding Trilithic's green product redesigns.

Trilithic's corporate-wide commitment to Green Engineering is driving production of environmentally-friendly products and components that use non-toxic materials in manufacturing processes, and address environmental issues through the design and production of green engineering practices. Trilithic is currently identifying methods for improving the efficiency of all our test equipment.

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